Hubby sent me this. Said it’s right what my bloggo needs:

As always, don’t miss the commentaries, jokes almost wrote themselves.

I gotta say for a THE NUMERO UNO SUPERPOWER on this planet this is so haphazardly bad and unorganized, it’s unbelievable. Your fukn US Embassy doesn’t exist anymore, you numbnutz! So much about the “extremely sensitive political environment” you’re supposed to work in.

They don’t even try to hide their total failure anymore. 😐

But if you’re in for this suicide mission, here are all the needed details for your application:

As you can see, no work from the comforts of your home office! And your salary is to be discussed. I guess your loved ones will receive some pretty compensation in case you don’t survive the parachute jump to reach your workspace in the morning.

That sure made my day. 🙂


  1. Wow… it s real. Perm? Yeah… till death!!

    The true job details (and link to the real posting):

    According to the listing, the public engagement assistant is responsible for advising the embassy on media trends, media climate, and dealing with the media on a variety of bilateral and multilateral issues. The assistant will also monitor print and broadcast media to understand how the U.S. is perceived and portrayed in Afghanistan and the goals of the country’s political parties. At least three years of experience in journalism or communications is required.

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    • What braindwarf said that? Got a source, Karmi? Otoh it’s an Afghani problem and even if it’s a shithole with rotten women rights, it’s still a sovereign country. Do we have the right to invade them for violation of human rights? Then why don’t we invade the USA, as they’ve still got a thing or two to learn in regards of civil rights, labour and consumer rights and racism stuff.

      I’m not making fun of Afghani women, I find their plight unbearable. But, as I said, it’s internal Afghan affairs. Let’s boycot them, let’s block them from im- and export! That’ll teach ’em. Worked so well with Russia and China, didn’t it?

      Honest, what can we do in regards of Aghanistan without inciting another fukin war?

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      • With your talent ‘n the talent I’ve seen from many other Women here on your blog…perhaps y’all could focus *ALL* that talent in a way to help those poor Afghan Women thru what is headed their way…

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        • Funny. Tell me how. You got any idea? And why us womenfolk? The male presidents and militaries of first Russia and then America went there with the sole intent to help out the Afghani women, no? Great humanitarian effort. LOL And see how good they did. :/
          Karmi, the fact that I blog since 2002 or so, doesn’t mean I’m gifted with talent for politics and that I’m an influential activist. I fought nazis in Germany all my conscious life, even went to jail for it, if only for 2 hours or so. Now I’m tired and retired to Africa in order to get away from the West and the East, and wanna live my humble life in peace and quiet.


                • That might very well be so. I don’t know what elite white women have a clue about, neither do I care. I only know that persons and organisations with much more power and military and monetary power than me have tried it already … and failed miserably.

                  Or are you saying the invasion of Afghanistan wasn’t about emancipation of the Afghan womenfolk? Was it maybe just a sob story they told us so we won’t notice that America’s presence in Afghanistan’s first directive was supposed to give the Soviets their own taste of Saigon ’74? USA: What a nasty country. 😮

                  Whatever, I’m just sad. And hopeless.


  2. I feel like like nothing has been learnt.
    Nothing ever gets learnt. I feel pretty sad about just life right now. It’s one giant sh*t show.
    As a woman my heart is heavy for what women are going to go through again.
    I’ve seen here news reports on how we have to accept U.K. nationals won’t be able to get back.
    I’m no expert in any political situation but I’m a human and my heart feels heavy,
    Not one day goes by there isn’t a crisis evolving.
    Humans are disappointing .

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