World’s FIRST AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Mini PC!

Frens n readers, you know that I’m a sucker for lovely little itsy bitsy SFF (small form factor) computers. And when they are not just little but also powerhouses – the better! But since those NUCs are an Intel invention you could hardly find any SFFs compatible with AMD motherboards and sockets.

Until, now that was! Look!

Our Englishman in Spain has already tested one!

Be afraid Intel, be very afraid!

The question of all questions? Yes! It will run Linux without any ifs and buts!

00:00 – Intro

01:45 – Build, design & internals

04:48 – Unlocked bios will all settings

05:24 – Performance and benchmarks

09:08 – Thermals and power use

10:33 – 4k video editing and export times

12:22 – 4k 120hz support?

12:50 – Gaming performance (Witcher, GTA V & Cyberpunk)

15:56 – Linux support

16:10 – Final thoughts

18:15 – Retail price & spec

18:41 – Pros and Cons

Shut up! This little thing will put your beefy mega macho tower to shame! And make it crumble. My own MiniMax? Not even in the same ballpark. No, of course the graphics are not up there with the best dedicated graphics cards, and will never be. But let’s not forget this AMD chip gets all the graphics power from the CPU, it’s an all-in-one solution and done so much much betterer than Intel’s onboard graphics.

You can see what this APU can do with modern games in the video.

If I were on the lookout for a new home PC I’d be so putting all my monies into this project on indiegogo! πŸ™‚ Price? They didn’t say yet. Don’t be daft, sister, of course these won’t go for the usual NUC prices.

Just for your consideration.

PS: Seen what Englishman uses for his Linux test? Mhm, yes, the Minty goodness, not some lame ass Ubuntu kak. He knows his software. Oh yes, he knows. πŸ˜‰

PPS: Sorry, this ain’t the first Ryzen SFF computer but the firstest with the newest mostest powerfullest mostest monsterizered Ryzen APU!

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