More Mint 20.2

The endless story, right? Coz it’s so good! Now I’ve found a livestream by YouTuber Egee in which he installs it and stuff …

Apparently I have looked into Linux Mint Debian Edition before so let’s check out Mint 20.2 instead!

0:00 – Intro Track: “Neon Sunrise” by FM-84 –…

4:34 – Let’s install Minux Lint 20.2 Uma

9:19 – Will it boot the first try?

10:56 – The truly amazing Linux Mint Welcome App

29:06 – Release Notes & New Features!

45:34 – System Resource Usages

51:52 – Mint’s Custom Tooling

53:53 – The Cinnamon (bark bark!) Desktop!

1:06:17 – Media Tests!

1:13:27 – Running Benchmarks

1:21:58 – Intermission: The Cars

1:31:21 – Netdata Monitoring Tool

1:36:46 – Looking for games to play

1:47:00 – Veloren, Wow!!

1:59:01 – Outro Track: “Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

Please do enjoy! Can’t get enough of a good thing, right?

No shit, I really gotta state it again and again: There is no need for beginners distros, and you won’t need anything more “advanced” neither. This is the bestest allround Linux distro. On the planet! Since a long time! And for quite some time into the future! Branching out into the Arch world we do coz we wanna, not coz we must.

If you’re not a total dumdum you won’t have much problems installing Mint on your computer. And if you’re not a freakish geek you’ll be happy on Mint for eternity.

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