Corona Diary: Day 505

Good noon everybody πŸ™‚

Two Covid-related newnesses today:

That guy has basically the same objections I have. I just don’t step out and make a big production of it. And I will take the jab once it’s time to fly to Germany. But different strokes for different folks I suppose.

The second story I got for you today has something Pythonesque about it in its tragic humor:

See, that’s the kind of tragic deaths that are just counted as caused by Covid-19. I beg to differ. That geyser obviously wasn’t of hardened stock and suffered critical illnesses already. As a healthy man he probably would have survived easily. Covid-19 was just the final trigger to his bad fate.

That tweet is worthy of checking out! LIKE FOR REALZ!!! Every thought you might have had … it’s all in this tweet!

Mask up and cya laterz


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