Visuals for Leenda

Hai Linda, as promised some inworld snapshots from my underpowered netbook:

My altsister Phree on our sailing group’s docks. As you can see the netbook suffers from a very short drawing distance of only 64 meters, low details and blurryness.
See inside my Linux geodome, how blurry the Manjaro logo is rendered? Probably a lack of RAM or just the lame-ass graphics chip.
Bad representation on my bad Acer netbook thingie. So you should expect better results from your laptop.

I did these example photos while connected to the internet wirelessly, although not even half a meter away from the router. My netbook is this shit here:

Pentium CPU from 2014 😦 So it won’t matter what you’re using, it can only be better. πŸ™‚ But please, before you attempt to join any activities in SL, log in a couple times for a testride and get a feel of the enviro and learn how to get to places. And walk/fly/run with your avie without awkwardly running into walls

And don’t forget, we’re virtually indestructible! We can tumble down from miles high, we can breathe under water, we don’t freeze, we don’t need water and food, a gangbang in some dark corner of a dystopian roleplay sim will leave us unscarred … and when you don’t feel good there’s always the option to just log off. πŸ™‚

Johannes didn’t include a location in his invitation but I guess it’s thereabouts:

Questions? You know where to reach me. ^.^


  1. Thank you! I remain undecided on whether to put in the effort (as minimal as might be required), cause I doubt I’d ever log in again and don’t like random accounts just laying about teh interwebz… useless clutter for an admin to cleanup.

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    • Although many people just let their accs go dormant, there is always the possibility to formally quit. But then, should you decide to come back at a later point in time, you’ll have to pay a reactivation fee … or make a new avie. :/

      Very close friend of mine, she was a talented designer and had 2 or 3 beach wear and sailing apparel stores, so she paid the fee in order to get her business back. She was French and left SL in a rage. Stupid thing. πŸ˜‰


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