Sensuality Exhibition: Bond & Release Edition Opens Friday, August 13!!

Another party …err art exhibition, orgy…nized by Johannes’ Kultivate Magazine. Please do enjoy.


The Sensuality Exhibtion is back with a new summer edition! The Sensuality series of exhibtions feature adult themed art and are Kultivate’s only adult themed exhibitions! This series is themed “Bond and Release” and will take place August 13 to 15, 2021 and feature live music and adult themed gift card giveaways!


Alex44 Riverstone, Anais Cristole, Angel Heartsong, AngelDeAlezandro, Angelika Corral, Antheia Luckstone, Bagnu, Brad Zeurra, CalebBryant Resident & Rockcail Resident, Carter Holloway, Dean Bourne, Elise Sirnah, Eve Petlyakov, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Jordan Whitt, jSosa903 Resident, loulane34, maggiemagenta, Meishagirl Resident, Moora McMillan, Myra Wildmist, personnja, Sienna Bellios, Sirspanking Resident, Tavon Blackwood, Tempest Rosca Huntsman, Vanessajane66, Veruca Tammas, & Vita Theas.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 2021:
8AM SLT – Exhibition Opens
4PM SLT – Live vocalist Bubbles Song
5PM SLT – Live vocalist Lyric Serendipity
6PM SLT – Live vocalist Jae Sands


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    • Yes yes! Exhibition and performances are in Second Life. Publications do sometimes spill over into the meatspace, like blogs and magazines n stuff. And content creation is mostly done offline on people’s own graphic programs and then imported into SL. A bit of a shame but the inworld tools are not sophisticated enough and resourcewasting to get the job done. It’s like trying to rebuild a very intricate ornament – using LEGOs. 😮

      From what I hear the new newbie islands are much better now and give you a little advice on how to move your avatar. The learning curve is still very steep and navigation around the grid can be confusing

      Maybe intersting for you: Shit won’t work on your itsy bitsy smarty phoney. You need a beefy gaming computer, or at least a reasonably powerful office computer and a good interwebz konnekshun else you’ll end up in an eternal crashfest. 😮 Golden Protip: Don’t use wifi – plug in!!!

      And good for you: SLT Second Life Time is your Cali time, since LL’s headquarters are located in San Francisco. So one thing less to worry about.

      Good resource to get the feel for SL and other VWs is New World Notes:


      • I appreciate all the info!

        If I could simply see the exhibit, I’d consider getting an account. But the rest is too much work. Other than here, Amazon, yahoo, and google news & search, I don’t do much online.

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        • “If I could simply see the exhibit”

          See, that’s the crux: In order to see something you gotta be there in person/avatar. And pls don’t ask me to do a video, I’m more or less having an extended sabbatical from SL now. But it’s easy for you to attend yourself: A new account is easily done, downlaod and installation of the viewer is quick and just teleporting to the exhibit/party shouldn’t pose a problem. And the new starter avies are no eyesore, although everybody will know you’re a n00b. 😉

          A New Me

          I just made a few snapshots with my old lame netbook. making a blog entry now …


          • That’s generous of you! I would never expect anyone to teach me… noob experience is, to me, part of the fun!

            I think a kid I followed posted clips just after designing a rudimentary avatar, with other generic avatars around them. It was funny watching all of them running over each other!

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            • Mhm, yes, I still fondly remember my n00b days. I refused to read and follow any instructions, thinking I’ll be gone in 2 or 3 weeks anyway. Learned everything by doing and from friends. And now 15.5 years later I’m still in the game … sometimes.

              Oh we used to have so much fun in the early days. Each and every day some friends came up with a newly discovered region we just had to visit or a store with ballgowns to die for, or a skydiving place, or a group of dystopian desert sims a la Mad Max. Or the many many whimsical Japanese stores. Since the earthquake of 08 or 09 they are mostly gone. As arethe Aussies. Dunno why, guess a gvmt ban or too slow internet. Haven’t seen any Russians in a while neither. And none of us had any money, so we all had side hustles going. Pole dancer, whore … I made lots of money selling real estate for one of the smaller but good landlords. And when I found out we can sail in SL (real sailing simulation with physical wind and boats, not just point and shoot) and there was a bunch of yacht clubs active with a lively racing scene, I was sold.

              So, have you been at the opening?


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