Corona Diary: Day 504

Mörnings fellows

It starts slowly and depressive …

Number of cases today nearly twice as high as yesterday? WTF??? I really dunno what to say anymore. Are they all involved in some suicide pact? Miss me with that shit!

But now something really disturbing: A moment of clarity, astonishing insight and acceptance of the situation and what needs to be done … by a fukn Republican!!!

Maybe you know that man:

“Are you complaining about your loss of freedom when you have to stop at a red light? Screw your freedom!”

“I studied how to build up biceps, I’m an expert at it. You do trust me in that. Dr. Fauci studied the science of viruses during all his academic life. So why won’t you believe him?”

Arny is pure gold in this interview.

It’s really that easy. Indeed so easy even a republican ex-gov’nor can grasp the principle: Our personal freedom ends that moment when it affects other people in a negative way. You and I, we know that, right? So we keep on wearing our little alibi masks and rubbing 70% alcohol onto our hands and keep social distance.

Cool? I love y’all and cya laterz



    • Video was much too wordy. Why can’t women be funny? And the content, the whole situation so far-fetched and unrealistic. I’m really asking myself what did they wanna express with that weird sketch?


        • Huh?
          I’m not even sure if I wanna get vaccinated myself, don’t believe in that hastily brewed up shit. I’m a progressive, yes, coz I think forwards and not back. But all my life I fought against anything totalitarian. Please check your senseless and wrong accusations at the door, Karmi.

          And the portrayal of the pro-cookie woman. Really? Have you ever seen any pro-vaccer with some authority acting like that? Yes, I did. Some of the politicians are trying to get their populations to comply by handing out special permits and shit and stuff. That french guy for example, Macron. What a dork. And the Frenchies are dealing with him, no fear. And no reason to make an unfunny sketch with totally wrong analogies.

          I’m wearing my mask when I go out. Coz it’s the right thing to do and because I couldn’t get into any store, or enter any business without. It’s the law. The only people reacting in a similar way as the sketch lady are the covidiots. So not only does the sketch use inapropriate examples, it’s 180° wrong way round.


  1. You are my favorite blogger. You are my Muse. You are the ’Sweet Fruit’ that I partake of.

    ”Like two golden birds perched on the selfsame tree,
    intimate friends, the ego and the Self dwell in the same body.
    The former eats the sweet and sour fruits of the tree of life,
    while the latter looks on in detachment.” The Mundaka Upanishad

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