Corona Diary: Day 503

Good afternoon

Only one newness today. But one which almost swept me off my feet. Look! See! Listen!

I can’t even say how much I adore the Chinese! The economic damage from closing down a busy harbour even for one hour can go into the gazillions. But it has to be done coz it’s about saving human lives. So they did it, swiftly and consequential.

And mass testing a city of 11 million residents, after 3 people were positive? Consider it done.

Show me any of our Western leaders with enough balls to rule like that. The almighty economy and the capitalists would chew him, or her, out. In China they just see the need, make a plan … and act accordingly.

I can already hear them, our politician monsters, going Ha! Ha! šŸ˜¦ Don’t they know that they’ve lost the economic war already long time ago? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Asian century! And please, don’t even bother with punitive tariffs which only hurt our own economy. In Asia nobody cares anymore. The Asian economic area is so huge by now, the Western world is just a sideshow. And if we behave they will allow us to participate.

But ok, go on, protest against the inhumane lockdown rules and mandatory mask wearing. Refuse being helped, and concentrate your anger on China instead. But miss me with that shit.

cyall laterz


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