Keeping Memories

Something we all know and loathe in today’s digital, always-on lifestyle is Laurence’s sujet in this new 100 Word Story:

Speaking of disc space … you know how cheap discs are nowadays? I tell you: Very very cheap. The old style spinning metal pladders are super duper cheap. Filled one up? Buy another one from ALDI or Wally’s. There are still plenty of those spinners around. Heck, they even still produce these things! No need to clog up your precious M2-SSDs in your machines with media files. I keep mine carefully separated. Download onto SSD – transfer over to longterm storage on a spinning platter.

And no need to get any cloud shit involved and hand out your personal data to Google, Amazon, Apple or similar gangsters. And this strategy comes particularly in handy when we’re on loadshedding and have no access to the interwebz and streaming services. Just plug the movie platter into the laptop and watch from there. Fun for hours while we wait for the power to be switched back on.

Please allow me one comment about my password(s): Contrary to what the experts are recommending, I only use one for most stuffz. Hey, we’re not the fukn Pentagon here, neither the White House, the Kremlin or 中華人民共和國政府, so little Orca ain’t a worthy goal for any attacks or espionage.

Don’t I have secrets? Of course I have. You don’t? And I keep them to myself or between hubs and me. And no intruder won’t find those on any of our electrical machines in any way. The one with personal data isn’t even connected to any of our computers. I unplug it after every use. So as far as I’m concerned I’ll never get to the situation Laurence laments in his funny 100 Word Story. There ain’t anything to forget about my one and only password. 🙂

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