Corona Diary: Day 502


When the boring virus won’t create any news stories by the power of its unbelievable but deadly existence, humans will find other ways to kill themselves and/or keeping stuff tidy and in order:

More variants than there are stars in the universe! 😮

But here comes a real fun newsflash:

I love this country but less so its inhabitants. To call these people animals would be an insult to animals. 😦

We stay sober, don’t we? So we can read the next Covid report tomorrow morning without a hangover.

Cya around



  1. About Covid, the mind is a powerful, and with some, easily manipulated thing. Covid xyz is here. Covid xyz is bad. Covid xyz needs us to lock down again because we will all get it and die. You suffer with this that and the other thing and you know you have the bad thing and if you start to feel better look out for the 123 variety. As far as the alcohol..people sigh.

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    • “Covid xyz needs us to lock down again because we will all get it and die.”

      So you don’t believe in lockdown measures? Rebecca, honestly, I don’t think I’m easily manipulable but I dunno what to believe anymore. Not even the doctors seem to know exactly. All I know, and all my common sense is telling me is staying at home, mask up and social distancing keeps us reasonably save. From Covid and the common cold as well. I know many people need to go out there, do their jobs and feed their families. Fortunately hubby and I, we don’t. So we stay home as much as we can. It’s such a small gesture for us, and maybe saves thousands of lifes. But what I do know for sure is that people are dying wholesale and our politcians and world leaders are lying POSes. So as long as we don’t get a definitive CLEAR! we treat carefully.


      • If the measures were consistent, and made sense it would be different. Some of what one could do, while saying one couldn’t do this other, was ridiculous.
        I can understand some measures, I don’t see myself getting into an event where I’m packed shoulder to shoulder with others. But I would hate for them to lock down parks where visitors can hike or spend time safely. Getting that needed sunlight and fresh air. Too much though, works on the mental health of some. I know for my parents it has been very difficult, not being able to get out and just go. Not anywhere fancy or elaborate. They don’t go to concerts of other crowded events, but to not be able to get out for lunch or a quick shopping trip was hard and they still suffer. I don’t get out much. Most of the time when I do, I do social distance as much as possible. Usually I’m off somewhere just me and the dog hiking. My concerns is that the information we are being given changes moment by moment to the point where one simply does not know who they can trust.


  2. They lost me at EXPIRED liquor. I suppose fermented liquor can expire but my brain is still having a hard time with that.

    I presume there will be seemingly unlimited covid variants, as there are with flu. Maybe longterm will see us getting annual vax for whatever strain is expected to dominate that year.

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    • “They lost me at EXPIRED liquor.”

      My brain stumbled at the same spot. But then I thought many if not most of the journos here are not natural English speakers, so they are grabbing for words that sound somehow like the term thy are scrambling for. I often do the same when I’m too lazy to look it up in the dickshonary.

      BTW, did you know that SAfrica has 11 official languages?


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