Corona Diary: Day 500!

Whoohoo! A little milestone, anniversary, whatever. 😉 Too bad I don’t have nothing good to report today and it’s not an occasion for festivities. 😦

People, to make it clear, once and for all: The vaccine won’t protect you from getting infected, neither will it protect others from getting infected by you. Inoculation will only help yourself to survive in case of getting infected. You won’t be immune after the inoculation! Neither will you become a hero of the people and it won’t help with herd immunity.

I guess, no, I’m 100% sure that the only reasonable way to deal with the pandemic is the oldfashioned way we know already since day 1 of the locky downy: Stay home, wear your mask, sanitize, eat healthy shit, keep social distance.

Vaccinate if you wanna, but be advised it won’t keep your loved ones save, nor anybody else around you.

Just don’t be a …

You know Sophie Ellis-Baxtor was right back then … and still is:

Sorry for not having any good news today but, honestly, what did you expect in these taxing times?

cya laterz



  1. Only 1 covid death in Iceland in 2021. I liked this excerpt: “Iceland provides a case study for how an effective vaccine rollout perhaps doesn’t guarantee herd immunity but prevents hospitalizations and deaths.”

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    • Ya, lol, Iceland’s total population is that of a small European or American town, and social distancing is the standard living condition there. so they don’t make a good demographic. Buuuut he’s right, you know, as was my doctor. Vaccination only helps the individual, won’t change anything in infection rates and won’t give you immunity, neither the herd.

      Imma gonna register for my shot as soon as we have more info regarding travel restrictions.


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