Renard’s Thoughts On Manjaro

LOL, Renard and me, we just talked about it after my latest report about how I fare on Manjaro after rediscovering it … and not even 2 days later, as it so happens, he brings a little propaganda piece. ^.^ Coolcoolcool.

Please check out Renard’s Thoughts On Manjaro by klikking on the link since Renard won’t allow direct reblogs.


    • “computers exposed to the internet.”

      Aren’t all our computers exposed to the internet? I know mine are. One and all. Particularly this one I’m corresponding on right now! 🙂
      But I never do much for security. I know the ISP has some kind of firewall and the email provider too. I guess I have mine activated as well. Lemme look … yes! And the built-in Linux firewall is even powered by ufw. I still maintain the opinion that the best firewall sits right between our ears. I guess by just not clicking on every incoming email I saved my computers more than once.


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