Corona Diary: Day 499

Good afternoon my dears

Didn’t find much on IOL about the pandemic but a nice informative report on YouTube:

Okeeee … so South Africa, it seems, is still a long way away from an end to the pandemic. Quite the contrary. 😮 Which is no wonder in a country that is populated mostly by stupid children in adult bodies. 😦

I bet you a fiver, as soon as the positivity rate sinks below 20% they will permit all sorts of mass spreader events … with forseeable results. 😦

But we, you and me, we are too smart to fall for all the bullshit, right? I’m so fuxn disappointed in our race, I don’t even know if we’re worthy of being saved. Except a few worthy individuals of course. We won’t go to church, to theatre, to parties; we will take time out and stay home. We will save the world and the last remains of the species. Let’s be the chosen few, the survivors.

Cya laterz



    • Better believe it, Cherri. And how could I forget about the Covid affair when I chronicle it? How could I forget about the pandemic when I need to wear my mask every time I go out, everwhere I go? So today is another big day: Day 500! LOL At least for us it is since we went into locky downy on the 20th March 2020.

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