Corona Diary: Day 498

Hi ho!

Gud nooz! Look:

Progress is being made. Slowly and one by one but at least they are through now with the 65+ crowd and now youngsters like hubby and me can register. But we don’t wanna and we’re gonna procrastinate our appointment as far into the future as humanly possible. So when we will finally fly to Germany, some time next year, our inoculations will be super fresh. And who knows, maybe by then they’ll have better vaccines or … maybe the fukn pandemic will be over by then. 😐

A girl can dream, right?

Okay, not the faintest idea wot to make of these two noonesses:

At least, once you’re vaccinated you won’t die of Covid-19. That’s what my doctor told me. But what does he know?

Ok, I guess we can say now that Covid is still infectious af, vaccinated or not. But 96% of us are not gonna die! At least customers of J&J. Phizer and the others? No idea. :/ What I make personally of this is that the new booster shots are thoroughly needless, since they won’t protect us from infection … and the base juice is good enough to keep us alive. Cool.

But you know what’s best, dontcha? Not getting infected in the first place!

That’s why we stay home as often as possible and wearing masks whenever we’re out and about. Plus we eat heaps of fresh fruit and keep fit by regularly visiting the gym. I hope y’all doing the same.

No gym today, already blogged a bit about Linux, just had a huge pack of fruits and berries, now on to YouTube safari …

Laterz frens



    • Yesyes! And 100% of deaths gotten infected in the first place by doing stupid shit, like being socially active, attending church services, concerts, family meetings, sports events, parties …


        • Really? Without wanting to discriminate against the hobos, why didn’t she get the same status as medical personnel and was vaccinated with the first batch of emergency responders?


          • The whole fam got covid last year and both parents are vaxed earlier than me (they got priority). But delta can still break through, and/or be transmitted. So every possible exposure requires that they both isolate till the test negative.

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            • Yesyes. It’s what the doc told me as well: Vacc doesn’t protect you from getting Covid, it just keeps you alive. Hmmm, better than nothing, right?


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