The Zenescope Metaverse in Second Life

Sounds exciting, video looks good … only Inara was less than thoroughly impressed. Probably totally rightfully so. Isabelle Cheren, otoh, was. Who’s right? Find out for yourself …

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Zenescope Metaverse – now open in Second Life (image unretouched)

I was one of many who received an invitation to preview the latest partnership activity Linden Lab has entered into as then seek to encourage new audiences into Second Life. Officially opened from 08:00 on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021, The Zenescope Metaverse is the second such experience to open within Second Life recently,  the other having been the (relatively low-key) opening of Film Threat, details of which are available within the Destination Guide.

Zenescope Metaverse has been developed in partnership with Zenescope Entertainment Inc.,  a comic book and graphic novel publisher perhaps best known for series such as Grimm Fairy Tales and its off-shoots, which recount classic fairy tales and gives them a modern twist; the Wonderland series (off-shoots of Lewis Carroll’s books); novels focused on the likes of Van Helsing (which inspired the TV series of the same name), and…

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