Icons on Manjaro/Cinnamon Desktop

Hi Becs, I don’t know why you can’t place your icons wherever you want on your desktop. For me it works in Manjaro as well as it does in Mint.


I sprinkled new icons just everywhere, all over the screen. And I can push n pull them anywhere I fancy.

Hmmm, maybe … weird … maybe Manjo didn’t install correctly? Does your system show any other anomalies? Did you do the checksum test? Is your hard drive ok? How about your RAM? Yes, I know it’s too geeky for me, too. So how about redownloading and reinstalling?

Sorry, I have no other ideas than just this old housewife’s trick.


  1. Maybe this will work for Becca: Right-click the Cinnamon Desktop, select Customize, and then turn off the Auto-arrange option.

    By the way, this morning I sprinkled Cinnamon on my oatmeal. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could have then sprinkled Desktop Icons on my Cinnamon.

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    • Yum! 🙂

      Yesyes, I guess that’s it.I just checked and my auto-arrange was off. That’s why I can do what I want. =^.^=


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