Did I Show

… you my new Manjaro Linux system with Cinnamon desktop already? No? Yes? Doesn’t matter, here it is again … or for the first time:

Readers: “But Orca, that looks very much like your old Mate desktop. And I see no difference from EndeavourOS and Linux Mint. If you customize everything the same, why did you swap distros and desktops at all?”

Orca: “Yes!”


PS: No, this really is Manjaro/Cinnamon. And if you look closely you will see some small differences to my usual Mate mod. And, btw, I bet I could get KDE to look similar, too. But I’m too lazy and not geeky enough to dive deep into KDE’s internal organs and figure it all out.


  1. I want all my icons at the top and left side like I have with Mint now. I am not geeky enough to figure it out in Manjaro. The drag and drop is not working at all. Help!

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