Corona Diary: Day 493


Remember how surprised I was about the sudden arrival of 2.8 mio doses of the Phizer vaccine, while we’re waiting for the ordered and paid for Sinovac from our good Chinese comrades? Turns out it was a donation by the US govt! \o/ Hey yeah! \o/

And thank you very much, American brothers and sisters. Just what we needed and always wanted for xmas. Superduper! πŸ™‚

β€œThis is a single bilateral donation and shows the good relations between our two countries. It also demonstrates the seriousness of the US Government in sustaining the relationship.”

Butbutbut … do you see what I see? How come the Americans have suddenly found compassion for other people, for other nations? That’s so untypical isn’t it? How come the country that kinda openly hijacked and redirected a huge order of face masks, on their way to Germany and redirected them to the States, changed their hearts so quickly. New president? Pleez. Don’t be daft. As if any US pres would be sovereign enough to make such decisions. Pfff…

No, it’s all just geopolitical and market strategies. America sees her markets brake away while China cuddles up to Africa, creates new infrastructures and opens up new markets. The American donation was done as an investment, in an attempt to drive a wedge into Sino-African relations.

β€œThis vaccine strategy is a vital component of our overall global effort to lead the world in the fight to defeat Covid-19, and to achieve global health security,” read a statement from the White House at the time.

“Lead the world”. Ya, we know that’s what America wants but can’t achieve anymore. Not since a long time. You can’t even properly exploit the world anymore. And now you must watch helplessly how your markets dwindle, how your influence and blackmailing powers are shrinking, you watch in awe how Cuban doctors come to South Africa to deliver real help and how quickly and readily the Chinese sent out millions of Sinovac doses.

That’s all I got for you this morning. Real news are sparse. Off to thy gym now.



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