Corona Diary: Day 492

Hello and a happy a.m. y’all!

Bad and semi-good news today, do they make any difference? You decide:

You know what I find most irritating at all those statistics they give us? The lack of scope and comparability. 330 death is surely a high number of deaths and I’m sorry for everyone of them. But how do those 330 unlucky souls compare in relation to people eaten by crocodiles or mauled by lions or trampled to death by elephants in the same amount of time? Is Covid-19 really the numero uno mass killer around here? Or is it the many drunken drivers, armed robberies, taxi wars, family feuds etc?

So, let me recap the latest level of information we got lately: SA is quickly running out of vaccines, Sinovac is on the way from China, a majority of people don’t even wanna get inoculated and in a news that shows how outstanding South Africa is compared to any other country on earth: Covid-19 cases are on the rise … after they peaked! Riddle me that Bat-Man. And please define the meaning of peak for stupid me, will ya?

Where do those 2.8 mio Phizer shots come from all of a sudden? Brain assplodes. 😮

Whatev. Need some distraction now. How about some heavy boogie woogie?




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