Corona Diary: Day 491

Gud peepelz of the interwebz

Our favourite krayzee catlady Leenda blogged some interesting stuff about our most favourite viral infection:

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Leenda’s linkage links to this:

They only urging this most important measure now? Where we live (rest of the world) we can’t go anywhere without a mask, particularly not entering any buildings. Which appears logical in times of a global pandemic, no? And the USA is still a part of the globe isn’t it?

Now Pay Attention! Orca’s gonna give you some second hand info she just received today!

Similar but not my skin flap! Doc said it’s normal “as we get olde…” I bitchslapped him! 😐

Was at the doctor’s today, got a little skin flap removed and the doc urged me to get inoculated against Covid-19. I’m always a bit hesitant and told him that I don’t think we’re even eligible as Germans in South Africa. So here’s the news and the facts:

Vaccination can’t do you any harm as long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients! I then objected that people get infected, even after they received their jab … Yes, you can get infected but contrary to unvaccinated persons you won’t need to get hospitalized … and you won’t die! That’s the most important thing, ain’t it? SURVIVAL!

So I looked up the registration form on the internet:

Good news. I dunno how it is in your country of residence but here in the poor 3rd world shithole of South Africa, everybody can register and will receive their jab … sooner or later. SAfrican, German, English or American, resident or stranded tourist, everybody who wants to will be inoculated. Right now with the Phizer stuff, Sinovac rollout will start in a couple weeks.

I’m sorta sold but Hubby’s still hesitant or at least wants to wait until we can get the gud Chinese juice. That won’t help us when entering Europe tho since our expert politicians have some qualms with China. It was decided that their juice isn’t good enough to let you travel European soil. Pfff … as if we’d care. 😐

Anyhoo, guys get inoculated! It won’t harm but can save your live!

cya laterz



  1. Correction… the are advising us to REmask. After high vax rates and covid cases reaching extremely low levels, nearly the entire US relaxed mask requirement. Los Angeles has been among the most stringent counties in the US. We had about a month of masks optional for vax’d. We returned to masks mandatory indoors a couple weeks ago. I’m happy to say that even when they were optional, I rarely saw people unmasked indoors or out, except at home.
    Most govt offices are now requiring employees to be masked or have constant tests. I think Fed bldgs applied the same rules Thurs. Private business, formerly afraid of backlash, are slowly starting to require proof of vaccination for employees… and clients!!

    On the other hand, there’s a restaurant in Orange County which disobeyed all mask mandates and is now only serving UNvaccinated people. Yes, they’re Trump supporters & covid deniers.

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    • … and hopefully out of business soon, either bankrupt or closed own by authorities. πŸ™‚

      Thx for clarification.


  2. I got my shots in Mar and Apr. I have both paper and digital proof of vaccination.

    There were several weeks of roughly 1,000 cases and ZERO deaths in the state. Versus hundreds of deaths a day back in mid 2020 and early 2021.

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