How Iran Successfully Trolled The U.S. With A ‘Weapon Smuggling’ Ship Parade

Too funny!

The picture shows ship traffic in the Baltic Sea with Germany to the south and Denmark to the north. Sahand and Makran are currently sailing east-northeast at 12 knots.

After having trolled the U.S. with those ships for quite some time Iran has finally announced their real destination:

All the time those ships were supposed to go to St.Petersburg and to take part in Russia’s Navy Day. Can you imagine how much fun the Iranian and Russian navy officers involved in this had with those June headlines and the Biden administration’s panic threats to South American countries?

Whoever had the idea to strew the rumor that the ships were going to Venezuela deserves a medal.

Indeed. ^.^

And, hey Mr. Biden, threatening sovereign countries is not a “diplomatic campaign“, you fukn buffoon. It’s criminal mafia attitude.

Guys, please read the MoA article! It’s full with links and details of the whole story about a blind, rabid giant.


    • “murderous regime”

      These guys already had ice cream parlors in the desert when my ancestors still shitted from the trees and yours where in permafreeze. Iranians got exactly the govt they wanted to have and fought for, hardly a regime. Also, when was the last time Iran started a war of conquest on any other nation?


  1. When the dust settled from the latest Gaza showdown, Hamas and other militant groups had killed more Israeli civilians than the entire fifty-day war of 2014, firing nearly as many rockets but concentrated in just one-fifth the time. On May 21, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh praised Iran for enabling this intense bombardment, noting that Tehran “did not hold back with money, weapons, and technical support.”

    And that’s just Hamas. In addition, they are a major financier of Hezbollah.

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    • Hezbollah, the freedom fighters of the east? I rather like ’em. And, no matter how many people they kill, their efforts are dwarfed by those of the American regime and its weird allies, ISIS, al Nusra, CIA, Israel and so forth.


  2. Here’s the playful Iranians prepping female rebel for a stoning…

    Note that this rebel’s arms get buried up to around her elbows…the body bag sometimes allows the criminal’s arms and hands to break free, and then they can block the stones. Iran has made great improvements to the ‘Art of Stoning‘ by first wrapping the rebel’s arms wid rope, then putting the criminal/rebel in a body bag, and then burying them up to around the elbows. Harry Houdini couldn’t break out of that restrainment!

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