Very Nice System Update Today

Manjaro doesn’t update as often and as hectic as regular ArchLinux-distros. Heck it isn’t even recognized as ArchLinux and keeps its own repository and usually only updates every other week. Today we received a medium sized system update that, due to our 50/50 interwebz connection, didn’t take long but was full of goodies:

Hm, Firefox updates stopped being good news some while ago but we’re still clinging onto it coz the other browsers aren’t any better. But, yay, Warpi was updated, which is always welcome. Just last week we failed establishing a 3-way connection on Warpinator, so maybe today’s update fixes that. And my new desktop, Cinnamon was updated as well. Always good since that thing gets better and better, leaner and faster.

Guess Imma gonna stay on Cin. Not in any hurry to switch back to Mate. 😉

Linux is fun! And Arch-based distros even more so! =^.^=


  1. Lil bit pwettier than Mate, ya. But the utilitarian way I customize it, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Hm, should have made a last screenshot of my PC before the switcheroo to compare it with the recent situation.
    Maybe I can find pic of my old desktop.


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