A good week “sailing”

After a few days with a crappy internet conection, it seemed that they finally fixed it on last Monday.

On friday, 23th, 3 races with Patchogue, I crashed in 2, followed by 2 races win Bandit 22, with 2 crashes. Saturday I crashed in both races with Shields, and the same happened on Sunday, in both races in Naked Sea.

Then my internet conection was hard rebooted twice on the ISP side, and everything was fixed. I made this video with all my sailing from Monday to Sunday, not having a single crash 😀

Monday, Topless cruise, with Laila’s Sjogin; Tuesday, Bianca’s race with Bandit 22; Wednesday I was late to Paul’s Shields races and could participate only in last one; Thursday, 2 races with Sea Boss, directed by Bianca; Friday, 3 races with Patchy under Emi’s direction followed by 2 races with Bandit 22; Saturday, my races with Shields and Sunday 2 races in Naked Sea.

Below, a small video of the week. Music: Violando com Hermeto (author: Zé Ramalho. Performed by Zé Ramalho and Hermeto Paschoal).

Wish you like it 🙂


  1. WHOA!
    First let me say congratz on your fixed DSL line, Lucy, and second on the cool video. LL could use it for advertising activities in SL other than just dressing our pixel dolls and activities other than just looking good.
    Plus the soundtrack was very nifty! Loved it all. 🙂

    PS: I dunno how many emergency calls I had to make to my old ISP and ask them for a hard reset. Fortunately that became better over the years and has now, that we’re on fibre, totally disappeared. Only thing that can disrupt the service now are over eager consrtruction workers or Portuguese fishermen, physically destroying the cables. 😮 But even in those rare cases the traffic is rerouted in just a couple minutes. We then surf to America not via England anymore but via Hong Kong.

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