Corona Diary: Day 485

Morning my fellow earthlings

The 3rd Wave and the Delta variant has us in its grip. And it’s magnitudes more contagious than the earlier waves and earlier mutations of Covid-19. That’s undeniable. And everybody ignoring it is an idiot. And 12,056 new cases is much more than what was ever recorded since the beginning of the Covid-crisis, at least as far as I can remember.

Now it’s just the question what we’re gonna do with the new facts and informations. As we’ve learned in the last 1.5 years we can’t trust in anything our govmts are telling us. Falling for fascist shit like special passports and ID cards we need in order to travel or leave the house? Enjoy mass meetings just because some politicians tell us it’s ok now … while it was strongly prohibited just yesterday?

No, nay, never!

And the even more important question is what will happen if we get infected?

From all I hear the symptoms of a Delta infection will be flu-like, easily survivable by most and decidedly less risky than getting inoculated by one of the many vaccines. They aren’t very effective but have terribly dangerous side effects. 😮 Vaccination a death sentence for hubby? Maybe. Not too keen on trying it out.

But whatever the verdict is, whatever the real truth is, if it ever comes out, if they’ll ever let us know, we’ll just go on being careful. We wear masks when going outside, keep social distance as much as possible, we sanitize, and we don’t fuk with strangers.

Worked well so far. ^.^

Ok, readers dismissed!


    • Yes, no, maybe. 😐
      Everybody gives you a different story and I don’t know what to think anymore. But for hubby’s hyperactive immune system is a vaccination really dangerous. Doesn’t matter since we’re not eligible for vaccination here in SA and we’re not going to Germany anytime soon. Actually only in March/April next year. And maybe the whole Covid-affair is gone and forgotten by then. Until then we do our best to avoid infection. Worked perfectly well for the first 16 mths.


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