Saturday Linux Philosophy

Clement Levebvre is an idiot. No really. A genius Linux distro dev but such a bad promoter of his own distro, Linux Mint. That he refuses to give any interviews isn’t the wurst thing but his stubborn clinging to the Ubuntu base is downright damaging for Mint’s public image and usefulness. And it reflects badly on Mint’s position in the top ranks of the DistroWatch Ranking.


Mint, Linux Mint, by all means and purposes should be #1 in the silly list! No, it’s not geeky. Yes, it’s good for women, and old people and little kids. So what? It’s a Linux ffs, comes with 3 desktop environments and delivers the same amount of customization as every other distro out there. Enough old farts and Linux experts are using the most Minty system since years and don’t see a reason to step up to something supposedly more complex and Linux-ier. 😉

Mint used to be on rank #1, then for a long time on #2, when it was surpassed by Manjaro and then both distros just looked on as MX passed them by. A fukn geeky, slowpoke Debian distro. Hey, don’t you know that Mint also has a Debian version? Yes, all the Minty goodness is available for you in a version called LMDE – Linux Mint Debian Edition. Should be as satisfying, no, even more satisfying to use than MX. Coz it comes in the super nice Cinnamon flavour while MX is only available in Xfce guise. 😐

I bet if Clem would take LMDE out of the normal Ubuntu-based Minty family and offer it as a standalone product … whoohoo! Top rank would almost be guaranteed. And more. The humble Mint could really hurt Microsoft and do some damage! \o/ YAY! \o/

The man, the myth, the legend: Clement Lefebvre

But look at the recent situation: While Endeavour is still on an upwards trend, the nifty and clever Mint is very accomodating and looks like they can’t wait to swap places with the punk youngling. 😮

Come on Clem, you’re better than this! After Ubuntu proved to not care anymore, your clever and very frenly distro, aside with Philip’s Manjaro, have factually taken over the lead as the most accomplished distros for the masses. And we all know you and Mint, you could do even better.

Why don’t you start by slowly phasing the Ubu-base out and focus on Debian? There’s a lot in that system. More than meets the eye: For example all these bases:

  • Experimental
  • Unstable
  • Testing
  • Stable
  • Oldstable
  • LTS (Long Term Support)

And since Debian development moves in glacerial speed, I guess nobody would complain if you, Clem, would set up your LMDE version on the Experimental or Unstable branch. Would be exciting anyway, and a breath of fresh air in your old and a little bit stale distro. Dontcha think this would be a pretty groovy enterprise?

The people discover Linux Mint!

Particularly now, with Win11 coming up and leaving millions of unhappy Windows users stranded, they need a lifesaver, a PFD. They need Mint! More than just one Mint, they’ll need dozens of Minties for people from all walks of life, from all knowledge and ability groups, all ages and genders. You could turn Mint into the next big thing, a true People’s OS!

Let Linux Mint save you from drowning in Microsoft’s schmutz

But that’s just Orca and her stupid ideas. And why she ain’t the benevolent dictator of the free world by now. 😦


  1. 😧 Huh? Why in God’s name that Vanilla Arch is at number fifteen on DistroWatch? Arch Linux is a superior distribution of Linux!

    In spite of Clément Lefèbvre’s unwillingness to do interviews, he has bloggers and vloggers that promote Linux Mint.

    It is nice to see Manjaro Linux in the second spot.

    I have noticed that MX Linux has been cemented to the first position for quite a while.

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    • Yes, Arch is geat but problematic, same as vanilla Debian. Endeavour’s and Manjaro’s rise were just proving the point of Arch’s geatness. But they come with easy peasy installers and desktops galore. And since people are predominantly lazy buggers, first Manjo and now EOS are shooting up the ranks. I don’t use MX coz I don’t like the desktop, but I bet it also comes with a comfy installer and lots of nifty luxury items preinstalled. That’s why people are flocking to it.

      And that’s where I see a chance for LMDE to shine and jump on #1 itself. Clem an his gang have proven time and again to know what people truly want and need … and make it available for them. From hardware detection via various backup solutions to Warpinator. It’s all sexy and delightfully helpful.

      “In spite of Clément Lefèbvre’s unwillingness to do interviews, he has bloggers and vloggers that promote Linux Mint.”

      Pff, what dumdum girl would ever be so stupid and promote Mint on her blog?


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  2. lmde is one of the last decent 32bit os. If iLMDE wasn’t such a second class citizen I would move everything to it rather than Manjaro. I agree with both you and Renard. Lost oppertunity.

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    • In how far is LMDE 2nd class citizen, Neil. Yes, indeed could Clem put more love into it but it gets the usual updates n stuff, or not? Does it feature the Warpinator? LMDE would be my choice if I was looking for a nice Debian. Either LMDE or Sparky.


      • Lol that would mean turning on the 32bit machine for the first time this year. The 64 bit version has warpinator. They refer to lmde 4 as the back up plan, hardly inspiring.

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        • Yes, I’ve heard that. “Look, when Canonical becomes stupid we can pull LMDE out of our sleeve.” Not very inspired/inspiring indeed. And I think Canonical is already stupid, so leaving Ubuntu behind and focus on Debian is the right way to go. Clem should take a good look at MX and see where a Debian base can take you. I’d also be interested to know how many Mint users are actually on LMDE. Do like Ubuntu and make each desktop its own distro, then we see what strategy is doing better. Ubu or Deb.

          Just thinking of possible names for the new distros: Cint, Mant, Xint? And ffs bring back KDE/Plasma! Plint. 😉


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