Not Just in NL, BE and DE …

… in China, too, they had some major, very intense floods:

Caution: Don’t watch if you’re claustrophobic or are afraid of drowning.

Yes, I remember I once vowed to never ever show any phone videos in upright mode anymore. But some of the footage is actually pretty spectacular.


    • Yes, pretty bad. I dunno how many people died overall. But China got it extra thick!

      I guess in Germany it was around 130 or so. And totally avoidable as the responsible agencies and departments knew about the looming catastrophe 1 – 2 months before it happened. Now they are pushing the blame from one loser gang to the next. The broadcaster wasn’t prepared to send out a warning, the sirens weren’t properly maintained and anyway, they just didn’t wanna create a widespread panic. Can you believe that nonsense?

      Shit like this used to be unthinkable when I was young. Now we guess it’s all signs of the gradually advancement of Germany’s Americanization. 😦


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