Manjaro Cinnamon!

Probably the world’s most sexy Linux distro. And Orca’s on it!

Yesterday, I dunno why exactly, I decided to leave my beloved Mate desktop environment and switch over to Cinnamon. Maybe because hubby did the same when he gave up on Mate and KDE/Plasma and seems to be pretty happy now on Cinnamon. And, hey, what about the masses of TSB! readers who switched from Windows over to GNU/Linux, and mostly in the form and shape of Mint/Cinnamon. You guys are happy there, right?

My last screen capture on Manjo/Mate. We had a good run, almost 6 days on and online. No updates that demanded a restart, everything was running hunky dory

And after I questioned hubby if Cin allows for my most urgent customizations and he said yes, I knew I had to do it. At least give it a chance. I mean, I’m the one recommending not only Linux Mint but particularly this desktop. So a quick decision was made โ€ฆ

Very first impression of my freshly installed Manjaro/Cinnamon combo. And first thing I must decide on is already if I want the newfangled or oldschool panel. Well, oldschool of course!
First “real” action: The initial update to get my new system up-to-date.
Next: Language packs. Of course choose Deutsch and swap US for GB English. Ya, sorry, nothing agaisnt my American frens but that’s what they tried to teach me in school: The Queen’s English, innit?
Hah! Contrary to EndeavourOS, in Manjaro I have the choice between various Linux kernels. Of course I choose the newest non-experimental kernel: 5.13.1-3. And with that I’m already on a newer basis than the experts on Endeavour. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Now super duper quickly the latest NVIDIA graphics driver installed in, like, 2 minutes. That’s the coolest thing about some Linux distros: All such stuff is already in the repository, so no need to find some obscure driver on some hardware producer’s outdated website. Manjaro is even so nice to tell me it detected the Nvidia GTX770 card in my system and if I wanna install the driver for it? Uh-hah! Yes, pleeeez! Orca loves to be spoiled and bathed in luxury. =^.^=
Some slight customization occurs and I’m pretty happy with the result. Will add my own wallpapers later today but now first we gotta install my bestest SL viewer … also directly from the AUR!
And there she is: No, not Orca but her alt-sister Phree. Rendered perfectly by Nvidia’s power.
In SL Utopia she finds a cute Japanese merry-go-round with puppies!
Shenanigans ensue …
… and much fu…oh! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Ooopsy!
“STOP! Wait for meee!”
Pheew… that was fortunate.
After that exciting ride I TP to the Collective’s little Marina and dance some minutes until I get logged out.

Good that I’m no scatterbrain and stayed focussed on the Cinnamon article. =^.^=

Guess I really like it. In many aspects I like it even better than Mate. In some not entirely so. But anyway, just in order I can be accepted again amongst the masses of Mint/Cinnamon users, I’ll try not to give up but work through my problems so I can use it in the long run and feel among frens.

I have a good feeling about this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Oh! I thought you was still on Mint. Congratz on the big step! I mean leaving the Ubu/Deb world is a big thing for some people. You and me, we know it’s all just Linux and nothing but a question of aligning oneself in the new realm … which usually takes all of 3 minutes, no? ๐Ÿ™‚

      So how’s Arch-Lite working for you? Up to installing Endeavour or other distros closer to mothership Arch? I loved EOS! For a while. But I love my comfy as houseshoes Manjo even more.

      So fluffy! ^.^


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