How to install Linux instead of Windows 11

It’s a hot topic right now. And most of you asshole Windows users must face the music soon. Linus Tech Tips to the rescue:

Windows 11 is about to make a lot of people feel left behind, but there’s one operating system that’s recently been getting better and better for new and old hardware…

Check out Pop!_OS:

Grab BalenaEtcher:

Grab Rufus:

Get nvidia-patch:

Get obs-nvfbc:

Oh my, why did Anthony have to make it soooo fukn complicated. And why did he choose Pop!_OS? But at least do the LTT guys at least sometimes try to care a bit about alternatives to Windows. And maybe some of you are able to suck some usable info out of this video.

If not you’ll find some better instructions in this here blog.

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