… and Back!

Hey, what did I miss? Discussion about Bia’s latest B22 race. Sumfink else?

No, okay, then let me show you 2 more pics of Oubaas in the workshop:

You’re looking at a discbrake. Relatively not so super good anymore and needs to be replaced soon-ish.
And these are the brake pads, deffo in need of replacement. :/ I don’t even know from what donor car the brakes are, Oubaas is such a Frankenstein, he never had discbrakes originally. =^.^=


  1. Mk2 transits had disk brakes, it was fairly easy to swap the entire front axle set up. However your beast has and different number of wheel stubs. My camero wheels used to fit on my transit, so some Chevrolet wheels fit. Your mechanics a bit of a hero in my opinion

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    • Oh, that he is. Yessir! He told me right away those brake discs are off an old Granada. So at least my Frankensteined parts are from the same family. Some local wheels & tyres place switched the imperial nuts of the front axle for metric a while ago already, so we have that also sorted out. And he also mentioned Chev to look for new rims. But that’s sorted for now since we’re keeping the good old rims and I just changed to a better, higher wheel profile. It’s comfy enough for a decidedly non-offroad vehicle. Although in Namibia, where we wanna go next, the transition from road to dirt to trek are fluid and you can find yourself stuck in the desert without noticing. 😮

      Anyway, I’ve never seen a single Mk2 around these shores. So the guys who tried to resurrect Oubaas helped themselves to a Sierra engine and obviously Granada and Chev axles and brakes. And good ole Ouby is probably the sole discs-all-around Mk1 on the planet. 😉

      My mech always says “we’re getting there, slowly we’re getting there.” He’s in the bizniz since ’82 and kinda knows what he’s doing. His neighbours of 8 Crate Garage are pushing all their problem childs over to his workshop. But progress is really slow and he’s mostly busy correctifying all the other mech’s errors and mistakes and fixing the usual problems that come with older, badly maintained motor vehicles. Like my brake problem right now and the engine hiccups I experienced recently.

      I don’t wanna say it’s easy for a mech to be a hero in SA but it matter of factly really is. We don’t have the annual MOT here but have the car checked for roadworthy once after we bought it … and then we can do whatev … until some police officer notices there is something wrong with your vehicle. But since I don’t wanna die in a fireball, I care for roadworthyness without the gvmt putting pressure on me! 🙂


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