Don’t Buy Cheap Shit!

Attentive consumers of this blog might’ve noticed that Orca uses three desktop computers. No, I’m not spoiled (ok, maybe just a little) but I use in fact all three of them. And please believe me, two of them didn’t cost me much more than a song and a dance. They are cheap n cheerful Small Form Factor Lenovo ThinkCentres. Add ultra cheap second hand monitors and used keyboards and Bob’s my uncle. πŸ™‚

What’s missing? Uh, yes a mouse for each of ’em. Since those rodents are cheap enough brand new, and not often to be found in thriftstores anyway, we’re buying them new from retail stores. Since I insist on tail-less rodents I had to buy them new anyway. But I made a mistake:

Actually more than one mistake. First I bought the mice for the cheapie computers from cheapo-shit China brands. Terrible. They never really worked, moved kinda spastic and jerky and then losing all functionality after just a couple weeks.

Cheap Chinese mice are dysfunctional

So I thought I’d be clever and bought a good brand: Logitech always gave us good service on our pricier machines, so I bought Logi for the minis as well. Buuuut … you know, as cool and high quality as Logitech is in its better product lines, they are produced in China same as the cheapo shit. And buying a cheap Logitech might at first seem like a good idea, as they’re indeed working quite well. Alas, after a little while they start acting up and behave like their even cheaper counterparts. 😦

Cheap Chinese mice can’t even survive a portion of microwave rice

See the grey mouse on the right side of my photo? Yes, such an office mouse is considerably more pricey than the cheapos, but still very affordable and much cheaper than any gamer mouse. I wish I had splurged a little and bought nice sturdy mid-tier mouses for all three (four with the Netbook) of my computing machines.

Moral and conclusion: Saving money at all costs is often a waste of resources and leads to long-term unhappiness.


  1. That “grey mouse” is terrible! πŸ˜‰ I switch primary buttons on my mouses ‘n look for bigger ones that fit my hand better. It also has to Auto Scroll (Linux users don’t know what that is) since I do a lot of research ‘n shopping. It also needs to offer lots of scroll settings, e.g. scroll “one-page” at a time or maybe just scroll “10-lines” at a time (time = 1 notch click of Mouse wheel).

    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 is my favorite.

    I also use Logitech Wireless Mouse M190 – Full Size Ambidextrous Curve Design, Precise Cursor Control & Scrolling, Wide Scroll Wheel – Mid Grey.

    Don’t really have any problems wid the mouses; however, keyboards seem to loose their letter markings, and I end up having to buy stick-on replacements (they suk!)…Microsoft keyboards seem to lose lettering quicker than Logitech. I need a new keyboard…

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      • Just sent that Microsoft keyboard with loads of stick-on replacements to a ‘Late Grave‘ – don’t know why I used it so long!? Started looking for a new keyboard yesterday – almost bought a $69 Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) (which I know nothing about), but cancelled the purchased when the added a $20 shipping charge…$20!!?!!!?!!!?!! Anyway, checked my stock of keyboards ‘n had an almost new Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard. Yeah, I like this K270!!

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