Corona Diary: Day 477 ***EDIT!***

¡Hola cabrones y cabronitas!

What’s wrong with the fukn planet, or better asked what’s wrong with us? The barmy human race so childish, immature and shortsighted? In many places it’s like “Hooray! We’re done with this fukn Covid-19 shit. Everybody go to megachurch and praise the lord and then attend a mass fukfest!”

And a couple days later they are wading through mountains of dead and rotten bodies and the lockdown rulz will be re-applied but in a weakened, make-believe way that won’t help in any meaningful way.

Again and again: Either we have a gobal pandemic or we don’t. I guess we have, my gvts and the wise leaders said so. Sooooo … in that case we gotta act. Radical and without compromises. And once we’ve won over Covid-19 we keep the strong restrictions up for at least 2 weeks more, in order to douse the smallest flames. Logical, no? Almost too simple to fuk it up.

But still we do. 😦 Even our spiritual and political, leaders are acting like a bunch of toddlers, and with their behaviour keeping the virus alive for longer and longer, and allowing new mutations to happen. What are they, what are we? Homo sapiens sapiens or dum animals?

Let’s look how we fare:

After 1.5 years in Covid-19: Increasing numbers!
Taika Waititi, is that you?

We should be through with this shit. Since at least 1 year. No problem. Instead we’re feeding the wild animal and wonder when it becomes rabid and starts to kill us wholesale. 😮

Kidz, it is so easy breasy to avoid infection and save humanity, only needs minimum behavioural adjustment: Wear your mask, stay home as often as you can, avoid social contact, keep distance, wash and sanitize yourself, eat healthy, avoid being raped, don’t play with the street urchins, keep away from the wrong side of the tracks. That’s basically it.

You won’t see me outside of the house/van without a mask. I won’t change that behaviour as long as the virus is still around/alive. I hope you’re not getting sloppy neither.

cya laterz


PS: This just fresh in from our Californian agent Leenda:

And again via Leenda we get the Mascherina. Covid-19 is fun again like in the early days:

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