Oubaas is Kaputt. :o

“why is life so full of rollercoaster moments?” asks Isabelle Cheren in her latest blog, not knowing that I’m facing the same question. But while Isa’s probs seem to be SL related mine are happening in the meat space. 😦 Brought Oubaas into the mech’s yesterday for some beauty nip/tuck and an engine tune-up and this morning I receive these photos:

What we looking at? Fuk do I know. Broken off motor shit somehow? :/
Aha! That’s some … whatyacallit … doodat thingie. 😮

Anyhoo, mech called and told me exactly what is broken … which isn’t very helpful, when your client is a technical doofus. All I know is that this was the cause of all the stuttering of Oubaas’ engine lately and I should be happy it happened in the workshop and not somewhere on the road with me all alone and cellphone forgotten at home as is usually the case with me.

Mech is trying to get the prices for that thing now and will let me know later.

Just sent Whatsapp message that this is a common problem in Ford Essex V6 engines. Shall I be relieved now?


    • Your son is exactly like my mech. He really wants to show me everything he does, and why, and where my money goes. He scrambles and searches for 10 minute his whole workshop, only to reappear and show me some dirty metal thing. Could be from my van, could be from a starship. As much as I admire this attempt, I don’t understand half of it.

      But I love it when he sends photos, so I have material for the blog. 🙂 Most complicated automotive thing I’ve ever done was taking my moped’s carburettor apart and cleaning it, back when I was a youngling. On my cars changing the tyres is the most techy thing I attempt on my own. I don’t even change the fluids myself but leave it to my mech or a petrol station.

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  1. Poor old essex lump. I would imagine its quiet an old engine design
    I sure a Mustang v8 would fit with a bit of messing about, far more modern.
    As nice as a 6 sounds an 8 is sexier.

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    • Yes of course, Neil. But Oubaas came wit the Essex V6, and I’m happy about it. For me it’s already a bonus, it could still have the original, engine in it as well. 😦 I guess I couldn’t afford an engine swap anyways.


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