‘Noob Linux Girl’: A Review

You all readered Bec’s journey into Linux when she wrote about how she installed Linux Mint on an old, redundant piece of hardware. It was a resounding success. I don’t know in how far she’s really using her Linux machine, but I hear quite a lot, and slowly replacing Windows. This is so great to hear, I couldn’t be happiererer! ๐Ÿ™‚

And now she did it again! On another machine with a broken hard drive or sumfink. She also decided to try a new to her Linux distro, mildly advanced over Mint. So the stakes were much higher this time … but Becca was more advanced herself, too. When she calls herself a nob girl she’s selling herself short.

Contrary to the first time she didn’t seem to have any problems, not only updating Mint to version 20.2 on her other machine, but swapping out the hard drive on the recent one. I call that a veteran move, not nooby. And congratulations on the two-fold operation you carried out so successfully Becs.

Okay, let’s get into the dirty details, shall we?

By then I had a large smartphone and was doing most of my on-the-go work on that, which was more convenient than lugging around a laptop.

It’s an old, heavy 16″ desktop replacement computer, hardly a mobile lappy toppy. Nobody would like to lug such a thing around. Not sexy. But at home it can still be very useful. For example for playing, experimenting and valuating Linux distros.

What if I got a new hard drive and loaded Linux on it? Brilliant! I found a matching Samsung drive for only $41.00. Such a deal.

I’d have taken a little SSD. The speed advantage is great, and on an experimental machine you won’t need huge data capacity. The 240 GB SSD I put in OrcNet cost me 40 โ‚ฌuros, brandnew from a retail shop.

OrcNet and MiniMax both happily running Manjaro

I got out the mini screwdriver

Smart girl. Everybody should have a set of those minis! They come in handy when dabbling in LEGO for adults.

Swopping a HDD for an SSD is no problem if you got a mini screwdriver

Some minutes later I had a brand new computerโ€ฆwooohooo!

wh00h00! indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feels gud, no?

I donโ€™t like Manjaro as much as Mint yet, but I am still learning.

Hmmm. :/ Maybe, just maybe it’s more the unfamiliar KDE desktop than the Manjaro base? I know always when I need to get on hubby’s laptop – he’s running Manjaro KDE as well – I’m totally overwhelmed by all the functionality and tweaking and modding and customizing options. I never seem to be able to find even the most basic things on his laptop. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Don’t wanna sound critical but what devil possessed you to make that choice of DE? KDE users are a special kind of nerdy subgroup inside the nerdy subgroup of Linux users.

Far as I know is KDE the brainchild of some German developers, and they, in typical German fashion, totally overengineered that desktop and put everything and the kitchen sink into it. ๐Ÿ˜

I stick with my oldfashioned Mate desktop wherever I go. Mint, Manjaro, Namib, Archman, Endeavour. That way the adapting phase is much easier and faster. Afaik is Manjaro available with a Cinnamon spin as well.

I find Manjaro very very tame for an Arch-based distro. They are going their own, very conservative, update path so we don’t need to update 5 – 10 times a day but usually only once a fortnight. Day to day operation isn’t any different from Mint. Plus you got the security that you’ll never ever need to reinstall your system again but it’ll roll with you until the day your Sony dies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Less maintenance, easier driver installation. That’s the main reasons for me why I went back, or rather scaled down, from the demanding EndeavourOS to Manjaro.

Alsooooo, your computer should run a tad smoother and faster on Manjaro.

Congratz again on the felicitous operations. Please let us know how your long term experience goes.


  1. TY for the comments Orca ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes that laptop is a beast. I even have the big double-wide battery so it will run all day long. The screen looks good and the keyboard is a breeze. It was perfect for me at the time. Like a second PC I could take anywhere.

    The KDE version of Manjaro looked the most interesting to me, based on their website descriptions. I am still finding new things on there. Have I joined a nerdy subgroup? Oh My!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, not really a subgroup, KDE is a DE like any other but mercilessly overengineered and overfilled with goodness. Very heavy … but still fast. Everybody wonders how they do it. Once you got into it I guess you’re on the best DE the Linux world has to offer.

      And you could escape Gnome and all the modern and pretty but useless desktops. Very good. KDE is the oldest desktop environment ever, was even before the first Gnome. So you’re kinda oldschool, Linux royalty. And people say Manjaro does KDE the best. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Have fun with Manjo.


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