The Motherload

I told you already how much I love my new wagon, didn’t I? And I use that thing indeed every day when I’m out and about, so it’s much more than just a lifestyle accessoire but really useful. For example today I carted this motherload around like a big girl. 🙂

Are you appropriately jelly now? Gud. ^.^


    • Teehee, Dolly, my version was particularly made for the beach, hence the wide wheels. And yeah, versatile it is. It was its humble predecessor,the “Bollerwagen” that helped rebuild Germany after WW2.

      And then the American version, “Radio Flyer”, which also became popular. 4 wheels and a handle, covers the most basic needs of transportation.

      Mine is able to carry a payload of up to to 100 Kg. That makes 2 lazy children plus some toys. Perfect for the beach.

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