Corona Diary: Day 474

Mornin’ sluts. 😉

South Africa is burning! People dying from normal reasons again, other than Covid-19. Looting, shooting, violence, revolution, police, even the army got involved. So Covid must take a backset now. Bu since this ain’t Orca’s crime blog but my humble Diary, let’s have a quick peek, ok?

Headlines are too sad/boring to click on each link. In our province 40% of the elders aren’t vaccinated yet. I don’t even wanna know why. Hard hit Gauteng sees a slight release in new infections … which is obviously enough for the church fukkaz to demand a re-opening of their super spreader churches. 😦 Vaccine roll-out is supposed to rise, deadline for anti-vaccer teachers extended, President’s office claims they did a good job saving the economy (what economy?), some provincial politico dies from Covid-19 and why not brewing our own soup?

And still the Rand looks a bit up compared to the €uro. 😦

All the same topics since weeks and months, everybody’s talking about but no action. Coulda woulda won’t help us. And right now it’s much more entertaining to watch burning shopping malls and devastated towns and cities. They still claim it’s about the Zuma protests, in reality momma needed a new microwave. Fukn Zuma is guilty as all heck! His crimes cost him his President job already, now he’s finally going to prison. It’s justice doing what justice does. Shut up people, you’re pleading loyalty to a criminal! 😮 And now subsequently a couple thousand new inmates will join the ex-presi in prison. Only they won’t get any privileges while there.

We had some unrest 2 weeks ago. It was about housing and jobs for all the people drifting into the Cape right now. So a lot of stuff was destroyed, streets were burning, field day for the heat. It pales in comparison to what’s going on up north, in KZN and Gauteng. Fortunately most blacks around here are Xhosa, a kinda lame sub-tribe of the mighty Zulu. They are mostly too lazy and relaxed to start a real unrest. So the latest dumpsterfire/insurrection hasn’t reached us yet, and will probably, hopefully never do.

Time for the gym, cya laterz and stay healthy guys!


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