DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!

No need to shell out huge amounts of your hard earned cash for newnew hardware. No Sir. Just jump through an unbelievable amount of super duper complicated burning hoops, like a stupid circus tiger. If you’re still hellbend on sticking with Microsoft Windows, just watch this video in which Linus and Anthony are boring us to death with the necessary instructions on how to cheat the system and stick it to the man:

Sorry, your Orca isn’t geeky enough for that shit and they lost me after about 2 minutes into this video.

Jeez, and some ppl still say Linux is too complicated. Ridiculous. 😮 I would be roflmaoing if this wasn’t such a brutal onslaught on computer owners around the globe.

But wait, I also have a relatively new rant by Joe Collins for you:

Pretty sad, no? And sobering. I mean I don’t care much, honestely can’t be bothered with all that Windows nonsense. I live happily on stone age computers and on Linux … without missing anything but enjoying easy peasy everyday computing.

Come on people, how often do I need to repeat myself? Join the happy penguin crowd and become a Linux user. The advent of Win11 doesn’t necessarily mean you gotta switch to Chromebooks, Apple, or – beware – an Android or iOS smartphone. 😮 Gaawd nooo! 😐 Just keep your old trusty machine and install Linux on it. It’s the easiest, fasted and most cost-effective solution. Linux is fuxn free! That’s pretty cost-effective, right?


  1. I guess I have a few more years left on my main computer with Windows 10 before they cut me off. Truth is my old I5 3750 processor has a harder and harder time running Second Life. Replacing the processor and motherboard costs almost as much as a new computer, so not really worth the trouble. Some time soon I’ll just have to buy a new Windows 11 computer that will run SL blazingly fast. Then I’ll switch the main computer over to Linux and be a happy clam 🙂 Now I understand how people end up with so many computers, lol. More on that to come ;P

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    • Yeah, Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. They really exploiting people’s stupidity. But hey, you’re already on Linux, so you’re save with one leg. And the other leg we’ll pull out of the Windows shithole a bit later. 🙂

      How’s Minty treating you so far. Still happy or got itchy feet and wanna try Manjaro?


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