Corona Diary: Day 472

Heyyy peeps!

Not much about the pandemic today since South Africa has something more interesting to talk about right now:

Super weird, those violent protests are not about job loss, lack of housing, lockdown rules or anything important. They were incited by diciples of former president Jacob Zuma. That man was already highly suspicious of crimes during his reign, and as good as guilty in the eyes of the prosecutors and the people. In other words, a corrupt pig. Dunno how his – pretty mild – prison sentence could cause such a big hullabaloo. Obviously he has half the Zulu population behind him. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

On the covid front we receive bad news out of Peru:

And on local level, Orca’s direct level of affectedness, yeah, gyms and restaurants are open again! \o/ Yay! \o/

My gym back in better times

Too bad, when I entered the club today they told me water in the pool is totally cold. And I’m like “So what, just gonna take a nice hot shower after yoga” and they were like “Nhn. We just opened, like, 2 hours ago. Geyser was off for the last 2 weeks. Forget a hot shower anytime soon.” And I was like “Ok, byeeee…”.

Tomorrow I shall try again.

You guys do as you always did, you survive! Ok?

Cya laterz



  1. I always find your post interesting my friend. Amazing 472! Wow! There’s been so much going on in the world between heavy rains, assassinations, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, violence at times I feel like I’m in one of those “the world is doomed” movies that I dislike so much. We need a more happy world!

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    • Cherry, the world hasn’t changed so much, it’s just our “always online” status that made us more susceptible for all kinds of news we didn’t get when we were kidz and there was no internet and no smartphones. Earthquake on some godforsaken pacific island you never heard about? Who the fuk cares? We’re not even suposed to know about it. Not our business to know about it. USA leaving Afghanistan after 20 years, trillions of tax payers’ dollars wasted, nothing gained. That’s America’s problem, not my business either. And so forth …

      I just think in these times why aren’t they all just sittiing at home like we good kids do? In a real lockdown we shouldn’t receive any news, no headlines, no opinion pieces. Crimes and politics and wars shouldn’t even happen right now. It should be a planetary time-out.

      Happy world? It’s easy. It starts with you, it starts in your head, in our heads. In 2.5 hours I’m supposed to be at the gym,which makes me happy. Then I go shopping for some nice breakfast treats for hubby and me, total happiness shall ensue.

      “But what about all that’s going on in the world?” I hear you asking. “So what about it?”I ask you back. “Can you change it, do we good people have any say in those regards?” No, we don’t. So I’ll just keep on buying dirt cheap Chinese crap, even if my gvt don’t want me to … or just because of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I fancy those little Asian bastards more than my neo-fascist western gvt. Too bad. Deal with it Mr. President and Frau Bundeskanzler. You don’t care about me, I don’t care about your silly antics either.

      Happy happy joy joy!


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