Shields@Noon – July 10th

I couldn’t do last week race, sorry, but we went back to Sea of Fables – Adriatic line this week.

In first race, AD-C1 with just one crash, mine :-(. Paul won, followed by Moon, Lamp and Elli.

AD-C1 Race Results:

1: xPaulx Paine xp1 - Race Time: 0:10:56
2: moonglownight Resident moon - Race Time: 0:11:16
3: Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 - Race Time: 0:12:26
4: Ellion Melodie EM29 - Race Time: 0:12:59
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis Lucy - Not Finished

Lap Times:
xPaulx Paine xp1 - Start: 0:00:11 - Last lap: 0:10:45
moonglownight Resident moon - Start: 0:00:08 - Last lap: 0:11:08
Lampoon Destiny LD97 S4L-4 - Start: 0:00:32 - Last lap: 0:11:54
Ellion Melodie EM29 - Start: 0:00:24 - Last lap: 0:12:35
LucyInTheSky Afarensis Lucy - Start: 0:00:08 - Last lap: Not Finished

In second race a weird thing: although line was set bidirectional, it didn’t record the times, claiming that racers were crossing it in the wrong way :/. So I have only positions, no race times.


[12:34] StartLine : xPaulx Paine  IDxp1 wrong way!
[12:34] StartLine : moonglownight  IDmoon wrong way!
[12:34] StartLine : Lucy  IDLucy wrong way!
[12:34] StartLine : Lampoon Destiny  IDLD97 S4L-4 wrong way!
[12:35] StartLine : Ellion Melodie  IDEM29 wrong way!

Congrats Paul for your wins.

More pics:

July partial rank:

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