Corona Diary: Day 471

Mörnings, my fellow super heroes

Let’s start with some South African news, shall we?

It’s sad but also quite admirable how such a stupid backwater country navigates thru the pandemic

What did we learn from those alarming numbers?

We learned that Oom Cyril and his gvmt gang are no better than any other gvmt around the globe. Looking for short term solutions instead of doing the right thing won’t help nobody. Not even the economy. Is that concept so hard to grasp? Genie in the bottle won’t help here. Genie is smart and stays home in the bottle to avoid infection. 😮

I guess we’ll learn more at tonight’s soviet when Papa Smurf will decree the latest measures onto us.

You know, hubs and me, we can play this game for months and years to come. We don’t need to leave the house, can order food deliveries and have a fast fibre internet connection. Unlimited fun, unlimited piracy while we’re saving the planet’s population.

Is that you?

I hope you guys are save in similar luxurious situations and don’t get depressed or sumfink.

Cya laterz


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