DON’T Upgrade To Windows 11! Upgrade To Linux Instead.

This little propaganda video I just found on YouTube:

Are you a Windows 10 user and considering upgrading to Windows 11? Have you considered other options? If not, then please watch this video before upgrading to Windows 11!

It’s all about the looks in this vid. But I hear that’s kinda important for the young people today, and fuk functionality. 😐 And let’s clear up two things: While it’s very very disappointing that Win10 didn’t turn out to be the last Windows ever, that will roll into eternity with you, there is no need neither to switch to Win11 immediately. I hear that Win10’s eternity will only end in 2025. Yes, still disappointing and typical for Microsoft lying sacks of shit to break their word so soon but at least you won’t have a reason to panic. Even if you have a still fit 3 y/o computer now, in 2025 it will need to be replaced anyway.

Otoh is Derek absolutely correct: Why even bother with Windows any longer? They’ve worn out their welcome long ago. We don’t want them around anymore. Switch to Linux and don’t ever worry again. Just don’t use the Deepin distro he showcases. That’s only for children and fans of Chinese communism. 😉

For sane, cool computer users like you Linux Mint is the first and best choice!


  1. I loved Deepin 15 interface design. It was beautiful and super fast with some really great functionality. But even if it wasn’t spyware it was hard to trust from China as is Microsoft. Unfortunately Ubunut DDE isn’t quite up to the speed and stability of Deepin. Similar to the DDE on Endeavour OS. The taskbar clock being the most annoying problem keeping proper time and configuration and just ugly.
    Deepin 20, I hated it. Scaling was all screwed up. The best parts of the DDE were completely removed.
    Zorin is way better for the same DE experience. Windows 11 not getting my attention unless I were extremely bored looking for more humorous contempt to waste my time on.

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