10 Years of Manjaro

Hey look, they even brought back their first ever website appearance for this anniversary:

Manjaro was my first love. After about 2 weeks on Mint/Xfce, which I spent mostly on Windows, two things happened. First my hubby, who was already on Kubuntu at the time, was calling me a coward for not committing fully to Linux and secondly I found a Linux guruine. She was also in Second Life (a Gorean healer) and in a Linux help group. She took me aside and told me to get off that Ubuntu crap but join a much better distro: Manjaro!

Of course I was very sceptical, knowing nothing about Linux, only that Mint was good for girls and the Xfce desktop super duper easy to operate. But she was like “Bullshit, all *buntu-ish distros are nonsense!” So I installed Manjaro, and her recommendation, the Mate desktop. Manjaro was still in its infancy, I guess version number was 0.89 when I installed my copy. Yes, the desktop was indeed much nicer, closer to the Windows blueprint (Win7 at that time) but also very confusing. So my Guruine and me spent hours with her praying me through all the terminal commands with anglistic patience … and me slowly, very slowly clueing up on all things computer and getting to know the advantages of ArchLinux. Name of that Guruine is Jean Horten. In SL and also in Linux forums.

Jean Horten in Gor

In that period, although still a blind n00b myself, I already learned to look down on the masses of unwashed Ubuntu users. 🙂 That mindset hasn’t changed much, I’m just softer in my approach nowadays. And I know now that Arch-y distros aren’t for everybody and that there is no bad Linux, just different distros for different usage cases and different users.

Anyhoo, while Manjaro was my first love, it didn’t love me back with the same intensity. Manjaro’s main desktop was and still is Xfce, and from all the official and community desktops, Mate was treated like the dirty stepchild. And while everybody was happy on their Manjo spins, young Orca was knocked out and neglected. So I often installed and deleted Manjo, switched back and forth to Linux Mint. Guruine even went back to Windows for a short while, something I never did. Not even considered. Instead I installed dozens of distros, some good, most bad, none of them as nifty as Manjaro.

Namib GNU/Linux is now defunct

Then I stumbled, dunno how, upon Namib GNU/Linux! HEAVEN! A distro much closer to vanilla Arch, also with lots of desktops but Mate was on the same level as all the others.That was a very good time for me … until the one-man-show developer, frederic2ec, abandoned his project and I was homeless again. 😦 But then I found Archman, aTurkish distro with almost identical approach to Arch like Namib. And I was happy again. And then I found EndeavourOS!

\o/ Happy Happy Joy Joy! \o/

Language barrier in Archman drove me away

Now I’m back on Manjaro, at least with my main machine and my netbook. Manjo just needs less maintenance and only gets updated fortnightly, which is important on machines that must function reliably.

So, you see in my Linux journey, since early 2014, I have installed and played with many distros but factually only used a small handful for realsies: Mint –> Manjaro –> Namib GNU/Linux –> Archman –> EndeavourOS –> Manjaro.

I came full circle.

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