Orca was the Fastest Blogger!

TSB! readers: Already aware of Mint 20.2 and can’t wait to install/update

Hah! Only hours after I blogged about the new Linux Mint 20.2 version, it’s getting featured by DistroWatch:

Thx to my quick service Orcablog readers are already set up on 20.2 while the rest of the world only wakes up by now.

DistroWatch readers: Still groggy and unaware of Mint 20.2

That a fuxn MacBook on the nightstand?


  1. May upgrade a few of my w10 machines that I rarely use to 20.2. Add to the list of things I probably won’t get round to before I’m distracted.

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    • Let me get that straight: You are in possession of a few (more than one) machines you don’t use for Linux already but run Win10 on them?

      … brrr, shiver …

      Remedy that situation! NOW would be the latest acceptable time! πŸ™‚


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