Linux Mint 20.2

\o/ Whoohoo! \o/ Minty 20.2 was released just today!

All three desktop environments are immediately available for the Ubuntu LTS-based edition, Cinnamon comes in a new version and something about warpinator was made even niftier. LMDE, as usual, is cooking its own soup. Also typical for Mint, update should be a breeze. Are you appropriately excited?

For German speakers here is a first video:


    • Mhm. It’s a friggin wonder how the Minty team manages to make their distro better from instance to instance, year after year. And with better I mean more useful, more comfy, more easypeasy, not more flashy, more bootifool, more of a fashion fad. Mint is truly a Linux for old people and housewifes. 😉

      And here I am trying to talk people into Manjaro, which is the equivalent to Mint, just in the Arch world.

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