Corona Diary: Day 468

Ugh! Brrrr … What a fucked up day this was until recently. Last night around midnight interwebz went out! 😮 Only today about 2 p.m. it came on again. ISP was playing with the fibre providers and mixed up and confused countless customer lines. Half our complex was affected, and of course we were part of the affected half. 😦 It’s also raining cats and dogs out there, so not a good day to play outside neither.

Anyhoo, on with the Great Covid Show. Shall we?

27 countries are more hip and in than South Africa. Well, we’ve never been the fastest off the start block.
No good news on the homefront neither. 😦

Vaccine rollout postponed, record hospital admisssions, police drags quarantined family out of their home, warnings about the Delta variant, death count is at 63,039. What the fuk is going on here?

Kinda refreshing news around here then. Just received a warning on Whatsapp, not to drive into various townships and informal settlements coz taxi war is in full force. Shootouts, deaths … and they just cleaned the streets from the protests last weekend. Jeezuz people. I can understand that you’re all highly nervous and hungry and out of money. BUT you’re invading and overrunning Cape Town since years already in hopes to find a job or sumfink. There are no jobs! Sorry. And in times of Covid-19 restrictions even less jobs than before.

And the few jobs that are available – you’re too stupid to do! Just some days ago I had to leave my driver’s seat and show the fuel attendant how to open my tank and not to use the Diesel nozzle. 😮 Now I’m kinda grateful that I was there, paying attention. Fukka almost destroyed my good van. 😦 He honestly believed that all panel vans are diesels. My o my.

You guys be careful, ya?

cya laterz/tomorrowz

yolo 🙂

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