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A wake up call for Americans, another one, yes but a heartfelt, well-reasoned, strong one!
Pls people, read Jill Dennison’s post that I stole from her blog.

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A few of yesterday’s headlines …

  • At least 150 people fatally shot in more than 400 shootings over the Fourth of July weekendCNN
  • More than 90 shot in Chicago on Fourth of July weekendChicago Tribune
  • Shootings at two Indianapolis shopping malls over July 4 weekendWTHR News
  • Chicago weekend shootings: 92 shot, 16 fatally in Chicago since Friday nightChicago Sun-Times
  • At least 140 people died in shootings across the US over Fourth of July weekendBusiness Insider
  • At least 150 killed in nationwide shootings this July 4th weekend: dataNew York Post

There are more, but … you get the picture, right?  In case you don’t quite get it, let me paint it for you.  In the

Most of the

Think their right to own a

is greater than our right to


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    • And I bet 97% of the shootings were commited by people using their constitutional right to “self-defence”, or as you say “self-defense”.


  1. Actually, 97% of the shootings are done by criminals who obtained guns illegally. Keep in mind your sources. If the stats don’t come from the FBI uniform crime report, they are likely inflated. The partisan press has an agenda. BTW it’s been reported that 93,000 people died of drug overdoses last year. That doesn’t seem to be much of a concern for the partisan press. Nor does the 44,834 suicides or the 690,882 deaths from heart disease or the 598,932 deaths from cancer. There has been a lot of news about the 345,323 deaths from COVID-19 (which is not solely covid since the vast majority have underlying causes) in 2020, but that’s as politicized as gun violence. There were approximately 20,000 gun-related deaths in the USA in 2020. That is 0.06% of the 3,358,814 deaths by all causes in the USA in 2020.

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