Phree Builds Moar

… and kinda fux it all up. 😐

Magic cubes not behaving well. :/ I wanted every single one of them to rotate,not the whole sculpture. 😦
But since I had to link them as one object, they now all rotate around the same base prim. 😮 Plus please notice the Full Bright + 10% transparency effect I added to give my sculpture a lighter appearance.
But maybe making them all light emitting prims got little Phree a bit blinded. 😮

As funny as it looks, it is now impossible to build a cube of cubes. Or is it? Anyhoo, Phree severely overwhelmed herself and thought it’s best to mosey off.

Yes I know what you’re thinking: Orca, don’t hide behind Phree! Finally get your Kalhene Bento Mesh avie sorted and do something useful in SL. Don’t you have a world cruise to finish? Didn’t you plan to join Lucy’s and Bianca’s races?

Yesyes, later. =^.^=

Guys, I sooo miss the good old pre-mesh times. I was a well-sorted action avie and ready to do stuff all the time. Now I’m a cripple with a fukface and not a stitch to wear. 😦 Really gotta pull myself together, don’t I?

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