Phree Builds

… something.

We don’t know yet what my plucky altsister glues and nails together there but to me it looks like some useless prim doodling as we know it from … me. Look at that shit:

At least I’m trying to built something useful once in a while, like for example my onsen and countless variations of the OrCáfe and blog headquarters n stuff. But Phree’s shit here, wotz dat gonna be? Rubik’s Cube gone wrong? A glance at the object’s editor just reveals it’s some sorta “WonderCube” or so. :/ In my eyes it looks as basic and hapless af.

Anyhoo, she’s logged off now so there’s a slim chance she might go on with this build and maybe reveal what’s it all about in the near future.

Oh … and oh! You see it? That girl blind or sumfink? Your OCD also triggered?

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