Is It Already?

Yikes! 😮 Yes, it seems like we’ve already entered the second half of this still brandnew year 2021. *gasp* Wanna know how I noticed this overlooked but important fact?

Was tucking the blog’s graphics files of June away and made a new folder for July. All up on the left upper side of the screen. And then it slowly, very slowly, dawned on me. This year, that hasn’t even properly settled down in my mind, is already halfways over and done with! 😮

And I planned on getting lost in the Namib. 😦

Where has all the time disapppeared to? What did I achieve in the past 6 months? Yesterday I washed a load of whites, today I’m gonna hang it out to dry … in the rain. We’e still living in the same house as 19 years ago, our friggn lifes don’t go anywhere. Fukn grounded we are. 😦

Bestest campsite ever!

Shouldn’t I be on safari in Namibia right now and enjoy the solitude and the vast landscape, surfing the dunes of the earth’s oldest and biggest sand desert? And camp in this enchanted land among petrified trees and oryx skeletons? I guess I should.

Like me, that Oryx has seen better days. 😦

What am I doing with my life? Where did it all go so wrong? Why do I sit inside at a boring desk and type meaningless drivel into a keyboard? And why and how did I get so old all of a sudden? *big sigh 😐

But look at that cute kitten on the screen of my freshly upgraded PC. That’s not too bad neither, is it?


  1. Hard to believe this year is half done! I’m approaching another birthday in July myself, another hashmark on my age….

    Haven’t done too much this year as far as activities, but with so many things planned for the 2nd half of the year with my amazing husband, a good job, and many many many more plans all the way out to 2023, I feel so blessed and lucky.

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    • Namaste KShai, thx for writing in.

      At least you have your plans, lucky you. 🙂 I’m just having itchy boots and the feeling I must brake out of my current life, which is very stationary and stale in more than just one way.


  2. My midlife crisis started when I lost my job of 26 years last summer. I’ve past 50, and don’t fell like I’ve achieved any thing. But then I realized being happy is probably more important. Accept what you have got be grateful, and if that’s not enough vent your anger through the blog. Covids messed everyone up. At least you not using windows xx

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    • Ouch, that’s a hard blow, losing a job after 26 years. And being 50+ makes you not a dream candidate for a new career either. At least in EU and UK we fall on soft cushions when we lose jobs. That and a positive mindset makes life bearable, right?
      And yes, we got Linux and don’t have to feed the American money-printing machine Microsoft with our sparse monetary funds. 😉

      Let me end with a Lee Camp quote: “Keep on fighting!”


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