Corona Diary: Day 461

Gud moarnink congregation

Hope y’all doing well and better. Me, respectively we, are caught in the second hardest set of lockdown regulations again, with the 3rd wave and mutation variant D and all that brouhaha. So let’s have a quick peek at what’s going on:

Winter’s here. Rainy season n all that stuff. Good for nature and our gardens, bad for the road infrastructure. What’s that to do with Covid-19? Beats me. And Gauteng has the most Covid hospitalisations? No, really? The province with the most people and airports and businesses, and they are hit hardest by the 3rd wave and the Indian mutation?

* Shock. 😮

And the virus spreads into KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng’s neighhbour province? Who’d have thought?

* Gasp

Isn’t interprovincial traffic prohibited yet? Wurt the furk???

Know what, I’m sick and tired of that shit. All of it! Why can’t people be consequential … or why can’t at least the politicians take care of it? You maybe know that the north American Indian tribes all had two chiefs. All my American readers obviously know, and now my global readers will learn it, too. Them Injuns had a normal chief (often the medicine man) for all the day to day business, and they also had a war chief for times of crisis and conflicts.

Hey the Earth Tribe is in crisis! So why don’t the regular chiefs hand the power over to the specialized war chiefs? Why doesn’t the WHO take operation of the planet into their hands? The whole fukn planet could be over and done with this Covid-19 shit since a year already. And build stuff and do business and struggle and try to compete with China on the economic field again.

But no. Because puny, selfish humans are running and ruining the show. People from the West. 😐

Did I mention I’m sick and tired of it all?

Anyhoo … OrcNet is back!

And, good news for all you Linux- and particularly ArchLinux sceptics: When I switched OrcNet on here a home, of course several hundred updates were waiting for installation. Patiently, I gotta say. The big fat update went smooth as a baby’s ass. Pas de problem, madame. And still I’ve decided to “downgrade” my brave netbook from EndeavourOS back to Manjaro. You know it’s nice and fun to always run the latest and greatest software, to ride on the cutting edge … but OrcNet is our road warrior. That thing must just work! Getting one update every fortnight is cool as hell and much less stressful than having to upgrade the system every couple of hours. May I direct your gaze onto this:

Downloaded the latest Manjaro snapshot 210623 and created a bootable USB stick with it …
… and installed Manjaro …
… on OrcNet.
And voila: Even freshly installed Manjaro makes the Mate desktop perfectly usable. Only small customizations had to be done to meet Orca’s special taste. That’s so convenient and shows the long-time experience the Manjo devs have in making desktop systems. They are thinking in the same frame as the Linux Mint team. It’s all about the user here!
Firefuck and Thunderfart are quickly set up for Orca …
What’s missing? Uh, ya, a nifty Second Life viewer …
… and after some growning and complaining by Linden Lab, and me completely ignoring it, Phree Radikal sends her greetings from inworld SL. 🙂
As always: OrcNet is just a tiny puny netbook, not a gaming computer, and it creaks and moans and groans and laaaags and the graphics aren’t so pretty neither. But for some minutes I can at least log into SL, clean out my inbox and see what’s up. For that reason I choose Phree, since she doesn’t receive many messages and I can get in and out fukn guerilla style … before OrcNet assplodes! =^.^=

Geez, does my youngest and most beloved altsister look arrogant or sumfink? Must be her artificial Asian genes. Or is it the fact that she is a thousand times more cleverer and sexyerer than Orca that makes her so look so smug? Oh how I lurve that beech! 🙂

Okay, all this didn’t have much to do with our planetary pandemic but it’s how I spent some time in the last two days. And since this is my diary … 😉

You people keep well and healthy, alright? Don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do!



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