Second Life Destinations – Sommergewitter

Germans. Why can’t they at least try to converse in English, SL’s lingua franca?

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Sommergewitter is a German-language region that’s been open since March 2015. It features a summer thunderstorm, as well as endless photographic opportunities.

Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres


Reality of living in the wadden sea

Jeebuz, guys. As a north German myself, please allow me some remarks. Rocky outcrops are no part of a hallig. Halligen are little grassy islands, no sandy dunes, that are only exposed during low tide, while on high tide only the main houses and barns are above the waterline. And the style of house and the whimsical boat are much too fancy. Totally unrealistic!

Reality of living with the sea
Real sheeples

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